Therapy not for you? Try one of my courses to help improve your mental health.

Overcoming Your Stress & Anxiety Course

Stress just seems to be a “normal’ part of life these days, in fact, if you are not overworked, overtired and burnt out, people may often accuse you of not working hard enough.

This is not right, and society has got it completely wrong. We should not be feeling this way. I have found that most people do not seem to realise the extent to their stress and just how much it is truly impacting their life. They are not aware of how fatigue, irritability, panic attacks and procrastination (to name only a few examples) are due to stress and anxiety.

In my work as a clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Mindfulness Practitioner and Life Coach, I have learnt many tools that I will share with you in this course. Done consistently, these interventions have the power to change your life in the most positive way. Other talking therapies encourage us to make changes to our thoughts and behaviours on a conscious level, hypnotherapy makes these changes on a subconscious level as well. As our subconscious is responsible for our habits, beliefs, fears, phobias, imagination, etc it is important and more effective that this part of the mind is involved in the therapy process.

This is why I have included 2 hypnosis recordings in this course to help install the positive behaviours you will learn about.

I have worked with countless clients, all completely unique, all with different issues. I have collated a selection of the most effective techniques and interventions which I believe cause the biggest shift in mindset. The exercises in this course will inform and empower you.  

In this course you will –

· Gain an understanding of what stress and anxiety are and how it affects us

· Identify stressors in your life

· Understand negative thinking styles and how they impacts your behaviour

· Learn about the power of your thoughts and how they create your reality

· Techniques to change your mindset and shift your perspective

· How to smash the life goals you set.

· Learn the importance of boundaries and how they can drastically improve your life and relationships.

· Learn coping strategies to manage your stress

· Develop new, healthy habits to encourage a healthy lifestyle

· Use hypnosis to help you manage your stress and install positive suggestions. Use the link below to enrol today for just £19.99

Working Through Your Depression Course

I understand that depression is different for everyone, so I have used my knowledge and experience to put together, what I believe to be the best information, coping strategies and exercises for treating this illness. Having studied hypnotherapy for a number of years, as well as NLP, Inner child healing, life coaching and Shadow work, I gained a great understanding as to why people become depressed.

The techniques in this course are ones I have used many times with my private clients, so I know they work. I understand that therapy is not for everyone which is why I created this course, I feel it is important that the people that need help and support can access it.

Depression can be a severe mental health condition and needs to be taken seriously. A doctor can offer a lot of help for someone suffering with depression and this course is not made to replace that, this course however is designed to help change your mindset, to get you understanding your depression more, to help you rediscover your true self and it is here to offer you many coping strategies to help ease the symptoms of depression.

So if you are experiencing symptoms of depression, have panic attacks or are aware you just seem to be struggling at the moment, this course is just for you.

In this course we will cover –

· What is depression is, common symptoms and behaviours associated with depression.

· Belief Systems and how they affect us

· The link between stress and depression

· How our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviours

· HealingTrauma

· Coping strategies

· Setting goals and Boundaries

· Our “happiness” hormones

· The importance of creating new habits

Use the link below to enrol today for just £19.99

A Hypnotherapists Guide to True Inner Healing

Are you feeling disconnected from your life, in your relationships or your work? Have you experienced hardships and now want to begin to heal and move forward? If so, then this course may be just what you need.

By taking both a scientific and spiritual approach to healing, this course will help you overcome the stress, anxiety and depression in your life. Having spent years studying hypnotherapy, along with a variety of other healing and holistic modalities such as Reiki, Pellowah, Shadow Work, Holistic Nutrition and Inner Child Healing. I have used my knowledge and experience to create this course, putting together what I believe to be the most effective interventions to help transform a person’s life. With more and more people waking up and coming to the realisation that there is more to life and that we are more than just our thoughts and our bodies, I felt this course will help guide people through what can be a tough journey. So many of us are not being true to ourselves, we are not living authentically and we supress parts of us that are just screaming to come out. Whether you have trauma you need to work through, you are going through a spiritual awakening or life seems like a struggle recently, this course will guide you on your healing journey.

Modern life does not do much to encourage good mental health or genuine happiness, so it takes conscious effort. It is time you take control and start making changes to your life, your thoughts and your choices. this is more than just a course, it is a journey of self-discovery. Be prepared to question anything and everything about you. 

The aim of this course is to bring you back to self.

So, in this course we will go through –

· What depression, stress and anxiety are and how they impact us.

· What spirituality is and how it can improve your mental health.

· Learn how to manage your thoughts.

· Shifting your mindset into a more positive state.

· How our belief system can shape our reality.

· Trauma responses

· Shadow Work

· The importance of compassion and boundaries

· Masculine and Feminine Energies

· Chakras

· Many coping strategies (including x2 hypnotherapy recordings)

· Creating New Habits

This course is for anyone and everyone who wants to level up, they want to create a life that they love. There are several exercises for you to do throughout the course and I have included some hypnotherapy recordings for you to enjoy. Use the link below to enrol today for just £19.99