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Modules In This Course:

This is quick introduction to the course and what you will be going through.

In this brief but informative module, we delve into the fascinating world of hypnotherapy, demystifying its principles and showcasing its power as a transformative tool for personal growth.

This module will cover: The Power of Our Thoughts, Thought Records, Mindset, Expectations and Belief Systems. Your thoughts create your reality so this is the perfect place to start your transformative journey.

Here you will learn more about the importance of self-esteem and confidence. You will go through what they are, how a lack of confidence can affect your life & the 6 pillars of self-esteem. This module includes a hypnosis session to help build self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you want to be happy and confident, it is important to begin dealing with past trauma and triggers. In this module you will look at emotional trauma, integrating trauma and then healing trauma. And we will go through the powerful practices of inner child healing and shadow work.

The people in our lives have a massive affect on our happiness and how we feel about ourselves, so in this module you will learn about attachment styles, co-dependency and setting boundaries.

This module is all about building yourself up and building resources to help you improve your life. You will go through setting goals, self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and creating healthy habits.

This is a final short module summarising the course.

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Embark on a Transformative Journey

Throughout this empowering course, you will learn to explore and reshape your thoughts and mindset. We will delve into the art of healing trauma by engaging in powerful shadow work and inner child work, enabling you to confront and embrace the parts of yourself that need care and attention.

Understand the Manifestations of Low Confidence

We will examine in detail how low confidence may manifest in your life, whether it be through tendencies like people-pleasing or the habit of procrastination. Understanding these behaviours is the first step toward change.

Build a Foundation of Self-Love

As the course progresses, you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to construct a solid foundation of self-love. It’s about nurturing a compassionate relationship with yourself that will serve as the cornerstone of your well-being.

Comprehensive Approach to Self-Esteem

This course approaches the issue of low self-esteem from all angles:

  • Education: You’ll gain insights into the psychological factors that contribute to your self-perception. With plenty of downloadable slides and worksheets to ensure you are learning.
  • Empowerment: Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, you will reclaim the power over your own life. Hypnosis is an incredible tool to help introduce positive suggestions into your subconscious mind.
  • Habit Formation: We will introduce routines and habits that promote mental health and foster a positive self-image. With downloadable trackers and exercises to make sure you succeed in reaching your goals.

By the end of “Learning to Love Yourself,” you won’t just have learned — you will have experienced a profound shift in the way you see yourself and interact with the world. This course isn’t just about self-improvement; it’s about self-revolution. Join us on this journey to unlock your full potential and embrace the life-changing magic of truly loving who you are.

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