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Start Your Inner Healing

For those of you who are on a spiritual healing journey, I have curated a package that includes all the necessary tools. If you’ve recently gone through a spiritual awakening, you might be feeling bewildered, overpowered, or even curious to explore and learn more about your true self. Or, if you’ve been on a spiritual journey for some time, you might want to delve deeper and connect with your higher self. If you’re one of those people, this package will be perfect for you. We’ll embark on a self-discovery journey over the course of a couple of months, exploring past traumas, illuminating the shadow side of yourself you’ve kept hidden, and culminating in a Beyond Quantum Healing session on the final appointment. 

Although anyone can do a BQH session without doing prior healing work or hypnosis, the benefits of doing it as part of this package are –

  • The level of trust between us is increased.
  • You will be more use to my voice, how I work, having hypnotherapy sessions and the feeling of hypnosis.
  • Doing inner child and shadow work is great for self-awareness so you would have already started to connect to your higher self and your subconscious.
  • Inner child and shadow work could bring up issues that may have caused blocks during the BQH session. We can work through any issues prior to your session so you will be more open to connecting to your higher self and any guides.

For an Investment of £395 you will get –

  • Emotional detox (2hrs) (learn more here)
  • Relaxation hypnosis recording
  • Shadow Work Session (1hr)
  • Inner Child Healing Session (1hr)
  • Beyond Quantum Healing Session (3-5hrs) (learn more here)

This package is for those who want to do some inner healing on a deeper level, to gain a new perspective on life, shift to a more positive mindset and to reshape the way they live. If you want to arrange a free phone consultation to discuss things further, please use the contact page and I will get back to you.

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