How Can The Complete Approach Help your Business?

Since the pandemic, GP’s have seen a huge increase in people going on long term sick leave due to work related stress. Sadly the number of people experiencing depression, stress and anxiety in general is getting worse each year also. As an employer, it is not only upsetting to have employees go off for these reasons, it can be very expensive.

I offer a service where I go in to your business for the day and run a wellness clinic for your employees, so they have a safe space to discuss any issues they may be having. We all know our personal lives flow over into our work lives, so there is no topic off limits for your employees. Having this accessible service, weekly, monthly or whatever suits your companies needs will give your employees the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their mental health, be offered some treatment and coping strategies, as well as letting them know that their wellbeing is a priority of their employer. As an hypnotherapist, I will also be able to provide relaxation sessions for those employees who need time to unwind, this could be done indivivually or as a group. I provide recordings of my hypnosis sessions so they can be listened to whenever they are needed. 

This package can be tailored to suit your companies needs so call or email to arrange a free consultation.