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Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Do you struggle with your weight? Does your motivation and enthusiasm for dieting never last longer than a few days or weeks? None of the latest fad diets work and any weight you do lose, you soon put it back on when your eating returns to normal? Or maybe you have never dieted and do not know where to start. With the use of hypnotherapy and other techniques, I can help change how you look at food. As a trained nutritionist, I have good understanding of how the body works and I share this knowledge with my clients. Most people that overeat are emotional eaters, this is why diets do not work for them. You need to sort out these issues first and change your attitude towards food and hypnotherapy is great for this.

What is Included in this Package?

For £345 you will get –

  • 1 x 2 hr initial session including an emotional detox
  • 4 x 1hr hypnotherapy sessions
  • Numerous handouts, worksheets and exercises to help on your weight management journey.
  • A copy of all recordings of all your individual hypnosis sessions
  • 20% off all weight management follow ups sessions for 6 months – if required.
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