Perfect for those more spiritual people…..

I put this package together for those of you who going through a more spiritual healing journey. You may have recently experienced a spiritual awakening and are feeling confused, overwhelmed or even intrigued and motivated to discover more about who you truly are. Or perhaps you have been on a spiritual journey for a while and want to delve deeper and connect to your higher self. If this sounds like you, then this package is just what you need. Over the course of a couple of months we will go on a journey of self-discovery. We will look into past trauma, bring light to that shadow part of yourself that you hide away and then on the final appointment we will do a Beyond Quantum Healing session. 

Although anyone can do a BQH session without doing prior healing work or hypnosis, the benefits of doing it as part of this package are –

  • The level of trust between us is increased.
  • You will be more use to my voice, having sessions and hypnosis.
  • Doing inner child and shadow work is great for self-awareness so you would have already started to connect to your higher self and your subconscious.
  • Inner child and shadow work could bring up issues that may have caused blocks during the BQH session. We can work through any issues prior to your session so you will be more open to connecting to your higher self and any guides.

For a £333 Investment you will get –

  • Emotional detox (2hrs) (learn more here)
  • Relaxation hypnosis recording
  • Shadow Work Session (1hr)
  • Inner Child Healing Session (1hr)
  • Beyond Quantum Healing Session (3-5hrs) (learn more here)

This package is for those who want to do some healing on a deeper level, to gain a new perspective, a more positive mindset and to reshape their life. If you want to arrange a free phone consultation to discuss things further, please use the contact page and I will get back to you.